ILIFE A4s Pro vs A4s Robot Vacuum

If you are looking for a good, simple, and affordable robot vacuum, then you’re at the right place. In this guide, you will learn all about two of the best ILIFE robot vacuums and what they offer. That way, you can figure out which ILIFE robot vacuum offers what you need.

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The ILIFE A4s Pro is a simple, but powerful, robot vacuum. By using this robot vacuum, you have access to 1500Pa of suction power when vacuuming regularly, and 2000Pa of suction power when using spot mode. Both of these functions make vacuuming on hard and soft floors very easy.

To enhance the entire vacuuming process, this robot vacuum utilizes a two-in-one brush, and comes with an ElectroWall. Removing dirt, dust, and debris is easier with the brush. By using the ElectroWall, you can block off certain areas, so that the robot vacuum only stays within the spaces you want it to stay in.

ILIFE A4s Pro vs A4s Comparison Table

ILIFE A4s Pro A4s
Max mode Suction Power 1500 Pa 1000 Pa
Spot mode Suction Power 2000 Pa 1000 Pa
CyclonePower System Gen 3+ Gen 3
ElectroWall 1 pc
Auto Boost System Yes
Roller Brush Enhanced 2-in-1 Brush Bristle Brush
Product Height 2.95 in 3 in
Coverage 1-year 1-year
Price Click here Click here


The ILIFE A4s is similar to the ILIFE A4s Pro. But, rather than offering 1500Pa and 2000Pa of suction, this robot vacuum only offers 1000Pa of suction. For most hard floors, though, this is more than enough suction power.

Beyond that major difference, this robot vacuum only offers a bristle brush and lacks the included ElectroWall. Both of these differences mean that the overall vacuuming process is a little less convenient and a little less efficient.


In the end, even though these two robot vacuums are quite different, they are both very well-made.

For the best vacuuming experience, you cannot go wrong with the ILIFE A4s Pro. The ILIFE A4s Pro offers a ton of power and convenience.

For a simpler vacuuming experience, the ILIFE A4s offers everything you could ever need. Plus, it’s cheaper than the ILIFE A4s Pro.

ILIFE A4s Pro Robot Vacuum

ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum

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