Hoover Floormate vs. Bissell Crosswave

Bissell and Hoover are household names when it comes to floor cleaning and vacuuming products. One of the most-read articles on our site is the comparison between Bissell and Hoover vacuums. In this article, we will compare two of their leading hard floor cleaning products.

To evaluate both floor cleaning solutions, we’ll scrutinize the most significant features one would look for and compare the Crosswave and Floormate on how well they meet each of these features.

Bissell Crosswave Features

– The Bissell Crosswave serves as a one-stop solution for floor cleaning, offering both wet and dry cleaning capabilities. This makes it an economical alternative to owning separate vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners.

– For those who want to clean both hard floors and rugs, the Bissell Crosswave is a suitable option, although it can’t match the performance of the leading upright vacuums on hard floors alone.

– The vacuum capabilities of the Crosswave make it suitable not just for hard flooring, but rugs as well.

– Both nylon and microfiber are the materials used for constructing the rolls in mops and brushes, giving the cleaner the capability to pick up dirt from multiple types of surfaces.

– The surfaces the Crosswave can handle include: tiles, laminates, pressed wood, linoleum, carpet, and rugs.

– The Crosswave is equipped with two tanks, the first holding the cleaning fluid and the second retaining the dirty water, separating the two for clean results.

– The swiveling head on the Crosswave offers maximum maneuverability, particularly in tight areas, to aid in steering.

– The cleaner’s low-profile front design facilitates cleaning in tight spaces, such as under low furniture.

– Effortlessly control the Crosswave from the controls in the handle, which allows you to modify floor surface, select spray levels, and regulate cleaning solution release.

– The Crosswave’s cleaning brush and window are easily removable, making maintenance a breeze. This gives the option to clean or change the brush as necessary.

– Convenient storage after use is provided by the Crosswave’s storage tray, which captures any residual drips or debris from the brush.

Hoover Floormate Features

– The Hoover Floormate, an upright cleaning tool for hard flooring, can be utilized for dry vacuuming to gather dust, crumbs, and debris, and later transformed for wet cleaning and floor mopping.

– The dual tank feature provides a convenient solution for separating clean and dirty water, so you’re only utilizing clean water and solution to clean your floor.

– Adopts Hoover’s ‘SpinScrub’ brush system, which features brushes rotating both clockwise and counterclockwise for a comprehensive cleaning and optimal efficiency.

– Utilizing the “Clean Boost” control, you can enhance the cleaning process by releasing extra detergent or cleaner to effectively remove persistent marks or dirt on the floor.

– Equipped with a wash/dry mode that operates the brushes during washing and ceases them to eliminate excess water, shortening floor drying duration.

– Compatible with flooring varieties such as tile flooring, sealed wooden surfaces, grouted tiles, and vinyl floor coverings.

– Maintaining the Floormate is simple due to the removable brushes, tanks, and nozzle, which can be washed in the sink.

– With a handle that can be folded, this cleaner takes up less space during storage and is more compact than many others.

Bissell Crosswave Pros and Cons

– The two-tank arrangement ensures that the unclean and clean liquids remain separated.
– Ideal for use on multiple types of surfaces.
– Manuevering is convenient.
– Boasts a compact design for accessing tight spaces under low objects.
– The method of cleaning is either dry or moist.
– Keeping the brush tidy is a hassle-free process.
– A tray providing practical storage options.
– Touch-based controls.

– Issues with thick floor coverings.
– At 25ft, the cord’s length is somewhat inadequate.
– The power cord is positioned in an uncomfortable spot.
– Falls short in giving crisp edges.

Hoover Floormate Pros and Cons

– The floor dries with a single motion.
– Clean and dirty water are kept in distinct tanks.
– The capacities of both tanks surpass the norm.
– Brushes featuring patented “SpinScrub” technology.
– Employ the booster regulation to expel supplementary soap.
– The brushes are easily cleaned and dried.
– Effortless to put away, particularly with the bendable grip.

– Filling the tank can be a bit of a challenge.
– The electrical cord’s length of 20ft falls short, even compared to the Crosswave.
– Not fit for carpets or rug surfaces.
– It’s not possible to remove the filter.

Where the Bissell Crosswave Wins

The FloorMate only works on hard surfaces, making the Crosswave the more versatile cleaner, as it can tackle a wider range of flooring types, including rugs and thin carpets.

The FloorMate’s limited maneuverability is surpassed by the Crosswave, which can clean under tight spaces and has the advantage of a longer cord to extend its reach from power sources.

The filter of the Bissell Crosswave can be taken out, which is significant for pet owners as their hair can frequently clog up the cleaner.

Where the Hoover Floormate Wins

The FloorMate’s advantage is its wet/dry cleaning function which makes the chore of cleaning and drying hard floor surfaces more manageable and quicker than the Crosswave.

The capacity of water and cleaning solution is increased due to the larger tanks, resulting in less frequent refill needs.

The exceptional brush design provides a more thorough clean, with the ability to reach even the tightest edges and corners, something the Crosswave is challenged with.

The optional folding handle allows for simpler storage and less storage space, unlike the Crosswave and its required holder.


When it comes to cleaning hard floors, the Hoover FloorMate stands out from the Bissell Crosswave, both being top-notch floor cleaners.

The FloorMate’s cleaning functions, including its SpinScrub brushes and the wet/dry function for quick floor drying, combined with its larger tanks requiring fewer refills, are its key selling points.

Bissell Crosswave

Hoover Floormate

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