Wähl vs Moser

Wähl and Moser are fantastic brands that make fantastic hair clippers. By reading this guide, you will be able to find the hair clippers that offer what you are looking for.

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Wähl Professional Magic Clip Hair Clipper

The Wähl Professional Magic Clip Hair Clipper is a 6.25-inch hair clipper that is completely cordless. Rather than relying on a cord, this hair clipper relies on a Lithium Ion battery. A single charge of this battery gives you access to ninety-minutes of hair clipping, which is great for most hair clipping tasks.

People with thick and dense hair will benefit the most from using this hair clipper. All of the various attachments make this the case but, that being said, this hair clipper can be used for any type of hair, and should work very well.

Moser Professional Hair Clipper

The Moser Professional Hair Clipper is a 7.87-inch professional hair clipper that, just like the Wähl Professional Magic Clip Hair Clipper, is completely cordless. But, this hair clipper is larger than the Wähl Professional Magic Clip Hair Clipper, so moving it around can be more of a challenge.

As a result of the Lithium Ion battery this hair clipper relies on, you have access to 100-minutes of battery-life. With this battery-life, you have more than enough time to thoroughly clip your hair.

Right inside of the box this hair clipper comes in, you will find eight combs, a cleaning brush, scissors, oil, and a pouch. These accessories make clipping and styling your hair very easy.


For a small, mobile, and effective set of hair clippers, the Wähl Professional Magic Clip Hair Clipper is absolutely perfect.

For a larger set of hair clippers, and one that comes with a plethora of excellent accessories that allow for plenty of versatility, the Moser Professional Hair Clipper is a wonderful purchase.

Wähl vs Moser

Wähl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip Cord Cordless Hair Clipper Moser 1902 Lithium Professional Hair Clipper
Description 5-Star Magic Clip is a heavy duty, adjustable 5-Star corded, or cordless commercial grade hair clipper meant for cutting thick hair and is perfect for blending and fades. Endurance, power and quality are the key features of the youngest hair clipper in MOSER family. With the launch of the brand new Lithium Pro Series, these features have been further optimised with the latest technology as well as a modern, sleek design that meets the highest standards.
Weight 10.2 oz 21.9 oz
Length 6.25″ 7.87"
Cordless Operation Yes Yes
Battery Lithium-Ion Lithium-Ion
Run Time 90+ minute per charge 100 minutes and quick charge
LCD Display No Yes
Power Frequency 120v-60hz 110v to 240v
Accessories 8 attachment guides (1/8”, ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”, ¾”, 7/8”, & 1”), charging transformer, styling comb, brush, blade oil, red blade guard, and operating instructions 8 slide-on attachment combs 3, 6, 9, 12, 16, 18, 22, 25 mm, Energy-efficient plug-in transformer, Cleaning brush, Oil, Scissors, Pouch



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