Kenmore BC3005 vs BC7005 vs BC3005 Canister Vacuum

Kenmore has, over the years, released some absolutely fantastic canister vacuums. By reading this guide, you will learn all about those canister vacuums. All of this information will help you figure out which canister vacuum offers what you need.

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Kenmore BC3005

The Kenmore BC3005 is a canister vacuum with dual motors. Due to possessing two motors, rather than just one, this canister vacuum offers some fantastic power.

For you to make use of this power, you will be relying on aluminum telescopic vacuuming wand, as well as three other attachments. Each one of these attachments, when combined with this vacuum’s power, allows for a thorough and efficient vacuuming process.

Kenmore BC3005 vs BC7005 vs BC3005 Canister Vacuum Comparison Table

Kenmore BC3005 BC7005 81614
Pet PowerMate Attachment
Yes Yes
Hose Reach with Attachments 9 ft 11 ft 10 ft
Wand Type Aluminum Telescopic Aluminum Telescopic Aluminum Telescopic
Exhaust Filter & Dust Bag HEPA/HEPA Cloth HEPA/HEPA Cloth HEPA/HEPA Cloth
Attachments 3 5 4
Cord Length 26 ft 26 ft 28 ft
Features Variable Power Stair Grip, Dirt Sensor, Variable Power, Crossover Handle, On-Board Storage, LED Wand Stair Grip, Pop-N-Go, Variable Power
Motor Dual Motors Dual Motors with Inducer Motor Dual Motors

Kenmore BC7005

The Kenmore BC7005, just like the Kenmore BC3005, uses two motors. Along with that, it also uses an aluminum telescopic wand. But, that’s where the similarities end.

Right inside of the box this canister vacuum comes in, you will find five different attachments. These attachments can be paired with the canister vacuum to clean hard and soft floors with tremendous ease. You can use this canister vacuum to clean just about anything, and doing so is very easy.

Kenmore 81614

The Kenmore 81614 is similar to the Kenmore BC7005. You will find the same two motors, many of the same attachments, along with many of the same features. But, that being said, there is a major difference between these two canister vacuums.

While the Kenmore 81614 is fairly elaborate, it lacks some of the extra features that the Kenmore BC7005 offers. As a result, it is nowhere near as elaborate. That said, it is simpler, and that might be what you are looking for.


All three of these canister vacuums are great. That said, if you want the best possible vacuuming experience, you can’t go wrong with the Kenmore BC7005. For a similar, but less elaborate, experience, the Kenmore BC3005 and Kenmore 81614 are both great and more than worth a purchase.

Kenmore BC3005

Kenmore BC7005

Kenmore BC3005

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