Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Review

We live in a world where there isn’t a shortage of robotic vacuums available for your pool cleaning needs. However, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme is the Rolls Royce of robotic pool cleaners, with tons of innovative features that make it the prime choice for your hard-earned cash.

If you’re trying to cut your back a break from the hard work of pool cleaning, the Nautilus will keep your pool sparkling clean without you having to move a muscle.

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Professional pool cleaning services add up to huge fees over the span of a year. People have been begging for cheaper alternatives for years, without having to do the menial work themselves. Maytronics has been listening to your requests. And have been one of the only companies to begin manufacturing robotic pool cleaners. They’ve perfected the process so much so that they don’t even have to worry about the competition.

Maytronics has over thirty-five years of experience designing and perfecting machines that help people clean their pools with incomparable efficiency.

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme is the newest addition to the already successful family of pool cleaning robots. Here are some of the features:

It’s a joy to set up. Five minutes after you pull it from the box and it’s ready to clean your pool, even large pools of up to fifty feet. Standard cleaning takes about an hour and a half—which is about an hour faster than most other models.

It offers Dynamic Dual Drive—360 degrees of mobility for optimal coverage.

The filters top-load, making them easy for you to clean. And the Dual Filtration system filters all toxic contaminants. There’s an easy-to-read indicator that will let you know when it’s time to empty. The sleek design makes it easy for you to handle.

The swivel cable was designed ergonomically to self-prevent tangling. The unit also comes with three scrubbing brushes, which is one more than previous models for optimal surface scrubbing.

The unit comes with a standard 3-Year warranty.

Is this the model for me?
If you’re someone who wants to keep your pool looking first-day fresh. I’d say that this is the perfect model for you. With the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme, you can have a sparkling clean pool without the expensive cost of a pool cleaning service—or the hard work of having to clean it yourself.

Let’s talk about some of the pros.
The Nautilus has four modes and three timed cycles that range from one and a half hours to three and a half hours. The three cleaning modes are Floor Only, Ultra Clean, and Waterline. These options give you the flexibility to decide how you want your pool cleaned.

Another huge pro is that pool cleaning robots operate separately from the pool’s filtration system. So even if your pool’s pump malfunctions, the Supreme keeps on cleaning.

As I mentioned earlier, this model offers three brushes instead of two. The third brush is a center-scrubbing brush, which provides additional cleaning utility for scrubbing algae from the pool’s surface. This center brush works the hardest, removing those stubborn stains. It also prevents the robot from getting caught in the drain, which happens more than you’d think with some other models. These three brushes are the optimal design to trap more debris than any other model.

Filter cleaning.
The supreme has two filters: One larger one for general debris and a smaller, finer filter. That second filter really helps pick up the little things that most other robo pool vacs can’t. This unique filtration system should capture just about anything floating around your pool, small or large. And thanks to the easy design, cleaning is as easy as opening up the double baskets, removing the filters, and spraying them with your garden hose.

This model also comes with Smart AI Navigation software. What that means is that the cleaning patterns aren’t random at all. The Dolphin Supreme maps your pool out with IntelliScan technology and then uses a series of algorithms to plan optimized cleaning patterns. The cord is capable of swiveling 360-degrees so that it won’t tangle on you. This helps guarantee that your robo cleaner will spend its time cleaning instead of getting caught up on cords.

Let’s talk about the control app.
Another great feature is that the Dolphin Supreme offers a ton of scheduling customization. You can choose what kind of cleaning you’d like(quick clean, standard, or enhanced), but you can also set when you’d like the robovac to clean. For the most part, quick and standard cleans should keep your pool sparkling. I’d save enhanced for those times that your pool looks filthy.

You can manage all of this without a remote. It’s all done through the simple MyDolphin Plus phone app. Even if you’re on vacation, you can send your robobud on a mission to clean your pool. There’s also a nice feature that allows for manual scrolling if you want to do a little spot cleaning on certain areas of your pool. Since the Nav software isn’t absolutely perfect, you can use this feature to touch up any spots that might have been missed. Full transparency, these controls will take a little getting used to.

Once the job is finished, you can pick it right out of the pool. This is a surprisingly light model that’s easy to transport to your garage or shed. Lifting it is a breeze and won’t cause any muscle strain at all.

The Dolphin CC isn’t an energy fiend. It only uses 180 watts of electricity per hour. Most hydraulic pump boosting cleaners clock in at 1,000 watts per hour. So it saves you some money compared to other models, which is already saving you money from hiring a pool cleaner!

Let’s talk about the cons.
Even though this is one of the best robo pool cleaners on the market, there are some minor issues.

It isn’t a great stair-climber or at adjusting to any terrain changes that happen abruptly.

Another thing some users have struggled with is the lack of remote. Some people have used remotes for years and felt cheated. But the easy-to-use smartphone app makes controlling the robovac a breeze once you get acclimated to it.

The standard model also doesn’t come with a caddy. So if you plan on moving it around a lot, you may want to get one.

Another thing it won’t do is clean tanning ledges as they’re a little too shallow. But it does manage to clean swim out benches that are deeper in the water.

The only owner’s manual is digital. And… that’s about it for the cons.

A few alternatives.
The Nautilus CC Plus — another model from the same manufacturer is the Supreme’s sister model. So, how does the Dolphin stack up in comparison? The Supreme is a little more expensive, but this is partically because it offers three brushes, whereas the CC Plus only has two.

You’d have to decide if the extra cost is worth the extra cleaning power. It also means that without that third brush, the CC Plus is more likely to get caught on the drain. As far as cleaning times, the Dolphin is a much faster pool cleaner and offers larger and more advanced filters that are more efficient at cleaning smaller fragments, like pollen, from your pool. The Plus also doesn’t have smartphone integration, whereas the Dolphin Supreme does.

Another option to consider is the Dolphin Premier. The key difference here is that the Nautilus Supreme still wins out in the filter department. Also, the Premiere doesn’t have WiFi capability, so you don’t get the same options that the Dolphin Nautilus offers. The Nautilus boasts faster movement along your pool floor, which means that it gets more cleaning done faster than any other model. It also offers supreme suction, which causes it to clean most debris on the first pass, where other models, like the s300i, would have to pass twice. Operating on WiFi instead of Bluetooth also makes for better remote monitoring.

So to wrap things up.
If you’re in the market for a robo pool cleaner, I would strongly suggest the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme. It will keep your waters clearer than any other model, causing your pool to sparkle year round. You won’t have to do any of the hard work yourself, nor will you need to fork over your hard earned cash to a pool cleaning company. Instead, you can spend your time relaxing with your loved ones and enjoying your super clean pool.

You can buy one now! Or, if you’re not quite sold, check out our top ten ratings of robo pool cleaners to hear about the competition.

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