Dolphin Proteus DX4 vs. Dolphin Proteus DX3

Portability Comparison

The Dolphin Proteus DX3 boasts dimensions of 22 x 18 x 13 inches, while the Dolphin Proteus DX4 is slightly more slender, standing the same height but being 0.5 inches taller and 0.5 inches narrower. Despite being 0.5 pounds heavier, the DX4 still appears more streamlined and easier to store than the DX3.

The Dolphin Proteus DX4 is equipped with an anti-tangle cable, making it more manageable to handle and store, whereas the DX3 is not, making it more likely to become tangled and cause damage to the cable, thus shortening its lifespan.

Conversely, the DX3 features a cable stretching 50 feet, whereas the DX4’s cable only reaches 10 feet.

Power Comparison

The DX3 is designed to clean pools up to 33 feet deep, while the DX4 can handle depths of up to 50 feet, making it more suitable for deeper swimming pools.

Both devices feature top-loaded filters, but the DX4’s basket is larger, allowing it to hold more leaves, dirt, and algae, making it the better option.

The high-speed front scrubber is present in both robot cleaners, the DX4 also comes with an additional standard back scrubber for even deeper cleaning of the pool.

Both Dolphin Proteus DX3 and DX4 share a common feature in that they have a similar cleaning duration, completing the task in approximately 2 hours.

Dolphin cleaners are a cost-effective option as they do not require additional equipment and are plug-in, resulting in longer lifespan and energy efficiency.

Features Comparison

The Dolphin Proteus DX3 and DX4 are not equipped with smartphone or connectivity capabilities, making it impossible to control and manage them using a phone. Unlike other contemporary robot cleaners, these models do not possess smartphone functionality.

The Proteus DX3 is equipped with a scheduler that enables users to set cleaning schedules for daily, every other day, or every three days. The Dolphin Proteus DX4, however, only offers a single cleaning time option, which is a significant limitation.


We think that the Dolphin Proteus DX4 is a better choice than the DX3. We are convinced that the DX4 will quickly and effectively clean up the algae that accumulate during the winter and spring seasons. Additionally, it is lighter, more straightforward to clean, and can pick up more debris from the bottom of gunite/ Pebble Tec pools. Furthermore, it includes a Front High-Speed Scrubber and Standard Back Scrubber that work together to improve the pool’s clarity.

Dolphin Proteus DX3

Dolphin Proteus DX4

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